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    Power Flush Safe offers unbiased, factual information for anything related to the process of power flushing.

    We have a UK-wide list of carefully vetted power flush operatives, all of whom strive to apply safe working practices to everything they do and provide consistently good customer service, throughout the UK.

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    Our members are strictly vetted before we partner with them – they must adhere to all our rules and conditions in order to qualify. This helps us to ensure we only provide the safest, most experienced operatives in the country.

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Is your boiler showing signs a power flush is needed? Use our symptoms checker to find out

Symptoms Checker

Is your boiler showing signs a power flush is needed.

Identify Your System

Identify Your System

Get to grips with you central heating system.

How to Power Flush

How To Power Flush

Understand how professional power flush safe members flush.

Free Online Quote

Free Online Quote

Get a fee online quote from one your local members.

Power Flush Safe was set up so homeowners can learn more about the power flush process and understand what a power flush can and cannot do for their central heating systems.

There are many boiler companies small and large throughout the UK quoting for power flush daily, But are they explaining what they actually do and the limitations a power flush has.

Here at Power Flush Safe you can feel free to research further information about the power flush process and we also manage a nationwide list of Power Flush Safe members that have passed our vetting process.

We have a free online quote form where one of our members in your area can let you know how much a power flush specific for your central heating system will cost. They will also be happy to answer anymore question you may have.